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We’re not lost… just hard to find!

July 24, 2009

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback here and also on Twitter. It’s barely been two months since I started to get my gob on and the response has been encouraging and humbling. Thank you all very much. SF Weekly has written about Gobba Gobba Hey several times, San Francisco Magazine just gave GGH a mention in their August issue, The SF Examiner took notice of us in its Organic Food Examiner section, and we took part in a photo shoot for Conde Nast Traveler. Also several bloggers including Grumpy Glutton and 1hundredmiles have given the gobs some cyber ink. And the kind words that have been tweeted about Gobba Gobba Hey have been incredible. Gobs are now available at the Ferry Building in San Francisco at Ryan Farr’s 4505 Meats stall and also at Pal’s Takeaway in the Mission. Hours are limited at both locations so it’s best to order between 10 AM and 2 PM. We will also be participating in the SFBC Bike-In Movie Series, Fabric8’s grand opening soiree, Eat Real Fest and – while it’s not gob-related – you can look for yours truly to be a contestant in the First SF Food Wars on August 25th! Last, but not least, we’ve been making deliveries to homes and offices, and we are excited and honored to say that we have been asked to supply gobbles for a wedding this fall! Thank you all. Thank. You. The move to San Francisco always seemed like the right one and your friendship and support shows that we weren’t wrong! Until next time, you can find us at and on Twitter @gobbagobbahey . Love and gobs.


Gobs on the go…

June 8, 2009

IMG_0745… and… we’re mobile!

Got gobs? No? Want ’em? They’ll come to you! 

Gobba Gobba Hey is going on the road and can now bring you all the gobby goodness you crave! 

All of your favorites are just a DM away!

Choose from the following:

* Carrot cake with ginger, orange and lemon butter cream! A nut-free version of the classic cake, only in gob form!

* Pistachio orange with orange butter cream! Portable earthy and citrusy goodness!

* Lemon thyme with lemon butter cream! A little savory and not too sweet!

* Chocolate with white frosting! The old school standard updated for Bay Area taste buds!

* Peaches &  Cream with vanilla, cinnamon and a little ginger with peach and lemon butter cream and just a tad of sour cream to keep things interesting!

* Black cherry with chocolate, and a lime butter cream! Stone fruits, cocoa and citrus make for a beguiling combo! 

* Vegan & Gluten-free gobs! In the works – you asked, we listened! COMING VERY SOON!

Have a favorite? Let us know! In the mood to mix-n-match? That’s fine too! 

All fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices used are organic and fresh from the farmer’s market when possible. Dairy products are likewise organic and fresh. As for a “fat free” version? It’s possible, but we’re afraid it would ruin the fun! Then again, why rule anything out, right? 

Fresh, delicious gobs, sure to induce an “ohmygawd” drool and drawl, are just a DM away! Tweet @GobbaGobbaHey for more deets!

Thanks! Have a gob day!

* … and did we mention they’re cheaper by the dozen?

The Gobs Get A Home Of Their Own

May 23, 2009

We knew it was only a matter of time before, like The Ramones, the Gobs would leave home. They were getting a little too big for , so we thought we’d get them a place all their own. 

Come on in! At Gobba Gobba Hey you know you’re always welcome. We accept you. You’re one of us.

A lemon and thyme makeover for the classic gob!

A lemon and thyme makeover for the classic gob!