I started this blog when I noticed a growing interest in the confections that I bake called gobs. Full disclosure: OK, yes, that growing interest was largely my own, but I was already blogging at http://www.thewarmestroominthehouse.blogspot.com about other food-related topics. I decided the gobs needed a separate place to call home. I had started the “Warmest Room” blog to coincide with the release of my book of the same name in early 2008. Soon I found I wasn’t maintaining the blog as often as I’d hoped. I was busy promoting the book, working, and also packing up life on the east coast to move to San Francisco. Shortly after unloading the last box and settling into our new home here this past fall, like so many other people, I started to lose my sources of income. As a freelance writer there just wasn’t that much work to be had. Magazines and newspapers were getting smaller. Some folded entirely. Also, I was new to a city where there were many established writers already ahead of me at the various outlets I approached.

But writers have to write just as painters have to paint and musicians have to make music, so I did what so many others have done. I returned to my blog to keep my fingers moving and my thoughts flowing. And then I started baking regularly just to, well, just to see what would happen. 

I’ve already met some incredible people in the short time that I’ve decided to come out as a barely-employed writer who has had to turn to the stove top, so to speak, as well as his laptop in order to survive. Thanks to everyone who’s been so encouraging. A kind word can go very far. 

As for the gobs? They were one of my favorite confections as a kid. Growing up in Pennsylvania they were everywhere. You could find them at church bake sales, school bake sales, birthday parties, stores and even in some gas stations on the counter right next to the cash register. I haven’t seen anything like them since moving here to San Francisco so I set out to fill the void. Gobba Gobba Hey is a riff on “Gabba Gabba Hey,” from The Ramones’ song “Pinhead” on their “Leave Home” album. Another favorite of mine from back in the day. 

There are a lot of fond memories that have gone into the gobs and into Gobba Gobba Hey. Even their name – gob – makes me smile. And I hope they make you smile too.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. mark nicholas Says:

    Hi there,

    Your twitter comment said to check Gobba Gobba Hey, but I don’t see location details. . . how do I find you, when and where?

    A fellow Pennsylvanian transplant in SF, Mark

    • stevengdula1997 Says:

      thanks Mark, sorry I’m late in posting these! Always happy to hear from Pennsylvania transplants!

  2. Gray Says:

    OMG – so delicious. Where can I get my gobba fill when not being delivered to our office?

    • stevengdula1997 Says:

      Thank you so much! Sent you a message yesterday! Sorry I’m just getting to these postings now, though. I’ll be in touch but thanks again!

  3. Andy Says:


    Great to meet you yesterday and wanted to share a blog which I wrote a bit about your tasty treat.


    Stay in touch!


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