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All The Gobs That Fit

October 12, 2009
Illustration by Phoneticontrol Illustration & Design/ Eric Broers

Illustration by: Phoneticontrol Illustration & Design/ Eric Broers

August and September flew by and October is threatening to do the same here at Gob Central. So it seemed like it was post now, or wait another two months til I had a chance to share the latest. Lots has been happening. Gobs just aren’t for the street corner anymore. There have been art openings, like the Street Food X Street Art event at Fabric8 Galleries here in SF, where the ridiculously skilled Phoneticontrol inked out this gob-inspired piece. There have been weekend festivals, like the Eat Real Festival in Oakland in August where so many Twitter followers came out to show their support that I was overwhelmed. The gobs also got their first TV coverage because of that gig, thanks to KRON 4, also here in SF. More gob fans have come calling, as have retail opportunities. The Commonwealth Club has asked me to participate on a panel discussing the street vendor scene, October 29th, and the talented bloggers over at Food Buzz have requested gobs for their upcoming November festival. Also, the discerning tastebuddies over at will soon be offering gobs for mail order from their web site. But before any of that happens there are some exciting events on the immediate horizon, including LitQuake and Southern Exposure happenings, and last but not least, the gobs’ first marriage! Actually, the gobs aren’t getting married, it’s their first appearance on a dessert table at a wedding, but it feels very ceremonious – ceremonial? – just the same, doesn’t it?

Well, another week, another batch of orders to fill! Thanks for the continued support, and as ever, gob loves you and so do I.