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March Madness!

March 1, 2011

Gobba Gobba Hey St Paddy's Day Lucky Dozen gob photo courtesy of Jun Belen.

Well, here it is March 1st, and as promised I’m giving you a sneak peek at the Gobba Gobba Hey St Paddy’s Day Lucky Dozen Box that will be available for shipping and local delivery in SF just in time for March 17th.

The box will have three flavors. The first is the Irish Coffee Gob with Bailey’s & Irish Whiskey frosting. The second is Chocolate with Vanilla Guinness frosting. The third, well, I had to give you something green in the spirit of the holiday, so how about the Matcha Green Tea Gob with Lemongrass Ginger Frosting?

The box will consist of four gobs of each flavor.

Shipping will be handled through as always, with 2 day Fed Ex going out on March 15th. Local deliveries will be done by yours truly.

I strongly advise reserving ASAP. These little guys are all made by hand so there is a limited quantity available. Want? Email now at gobbagobbahey at . First come, first reserved.