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Gobba Gobba Hey in good company and in Fast Company

March 3, 2010

I’ve been taking the easy way out with these posts and I admit it, but gobbing has been a far more time-consuming process than I thought; I’m juggling baking, delivering, promoting, and of course, writing the book. So, since I’ve been so negligent, and since I realized I was once again about to enter a brief bit of text before making my exit, I thought I’d at least include this – in my opinion – beautiful view of the Matcha Green Tea powder as it was being whisked into the dry ingredients to make the Matcha Green Tea Gob. This recipe will be in the Gobba Gobba Hey cook book, but in the interim, here’s a tip I’ll happily share if you’ve tried working with green tea powder: If like me, you spent a lot of time trying to work the powder into a paste, and then adding that paste in with the fats in your batter, I say “Stop!” Now if you’ve had success, great, but if you haven’t, you might want to try upgrading to a better quality powder – like Do brand, the name of which is supposed to have a little line above the “o” but which I’m unable to do since my keyboard doesn’t allow me to affect Japanese pronunciations – and whisking it in with your dry ingredients. It will take a little longer but it will be worth it. Plus you’ll get to see the pseudo-psychedelic patterns made if you’re using a reflective bowl.

Gobba Gobba Hey Matcha Green Tea Gob Photo Courtesy of Emily Olson,

And here’s another short cut I’m taking in this text. It’s about to be followed by another, so thank you in advance for understanding! The image to the right, as you no doubt have discerned even before you sought out its caption, was not taken by me or my iPhone. It is courtesy of the skillful lens, and eye, of Emily Olson of But that’s not the only thing I have to thank Emily for in this post. In addition to providing this beautiful pic of the Gobba Gobba Hey Green Tea Gob, she also has inadvertently given me an opportunity to blog-n-boogie – sorry, “blog n dash” just didn’t sound right even though I know blog-n-boogie sounds horribly dated – by mentioning the gobs and Gobba Gobba Hey in a discussion with Fast Company mag. Here’s the link for the post. Gotta run and do gob’s work. Hope to see, or hear from you soon!