Bakin’ It To The Streets

The gobs made a solo appearance yesterday in The Mission. I busted out two new flavors, Black Cherry and Pistachio Orange. I’m happy to say they were well-received!

Thanks so much to everyone who showed support by buying one or even just stopping to chat, but I need to give a special shout out to Amuse Bouche and another one to B. Frank for being so welcoming and kind!

black cherry gobs

I’m still getting the hang of this WP blog and until I do you can find me at . 

I’ll be out again later this week but until then thanks to everyone again!


7 Responses to “Bakin’ It To The Streets”

  1. SuperKellyFragilistic Says:

    These just hit the FiDi. Gob love ya.

  2. Daniela Says:

    Do you have a twitter feed we can follow? Let me know @danielaperdomo

  3. Kelly Says:

    Hi, Gobba Gobba Hey guy! Welcome to the burgeoning SF street food scene!

    Are you on Twitter? I’d love to keep track of you so I can come get one of your yummy creations sometime soon.


    • stevengdula1997 Says:

      Hello, thank you for the warm welcome! I’m at @StevenGdula and also @GobbaGobbaHey though Twitter doesn’t seem to think the latter account exists yet!

  4. Amanda Says:

    Hey Steven,

    It was a pleasure talking to you about hitting the streets with the treats!

    I LOVED the chocolate/cherry Gob. Thank you, thank you!

    Best, Amanda


    • stevengdula1997 Says:

      Thx Amanda! Hope to see you again soon and by the looks of your sign-off, I will….? HOORAY! 🙂

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