Gobs on Film (Two Years Later) Gobs on Film.

Good people of the Bay Area, please lend me a hand. And if you can lend two, well, that would be even better! As this post’s subject heading, and tweaking of the Duran Duran song’s lyrics suggest, the gobs are ready for their close up. Gobba Gobba Hey: A Gob Cookbook will be officially be released by Bloomsbury, USA on August 31. The constant need to feed info into the Twitterverse and blogosphere has no doubt made this book seem like it’s been released three or four times by now, but I assure you, that’s all just been part of the process. Now that the big moment has almost arrived, there’s one last bit of PR that has to be teased out: Gobsters of the Universe, I want to make you all stars! Or at least your hands.

I’ll be shooting a trailer for the gob book in the next few weeks. In case you aren’t aware of what a book trailer entails, it’s pretty simple. Book trailers are just like movie trailers. They’re short commercials promoting books that are either about to be released or that have just been released. These are hopefully sweet, sometimes sassy, and meant to make you unable to think about anything else until you’ve finally purchased the book. (This trailer, for a book called High Before Homeroom I find to be well-done and amusing, though it’s production quality is way beyond my means.)

I will post the time and date and location soon. It will only take a few minutes of your time, I promise. No cattle calls, no violations of SAG laws for the extras. You’ll get in, get out, and walk away with a tasty treat, not to mention bragging rights!

Thanks in advance for your help and continued support! And until next time, here’s a pic of the finished book. Check out the gorgeous back cover photo, courtesy of Mr Jun Belen.


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