It’s All Fun And Gobs Until Someone Has A Book Manuscript To Finish…

It’s hot. Too hot, in fact, to write an entirely new blog entry which would basically recap everything that I already said over at my other blog’s post.

So, may I direct your eyes, and your browsers, over there for a few moments. It’ll give you the skinny on what’s happening with me and my confections -Gobba Gobba Hey Gobs, those “delicious little taste bombs” as someone on Twitter dubbed them.

Hope your summer is treating you well, and I hope the link below makes it onto your season’s reading list. It’s short and fast-paced, it’s full of information, and, of course, it has more than its fair share of shameless self-promotion.

But before I go, I will say that I shared the love, and several of you might find yourselves mentioned in this post.

Alright, I need to go and grab a Pimm’s or something.

Here’s that link:

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