Happy Flu Year!

It’s official. I have the flu. Not the Flu, but “a flu.” Apparently while the incidence of H1N1 cases in the Bay Area has dropped, a bug of less famous but nonetheless formidable nastiness has been making its rounds. And I caught it. The worst is certainly over, but….

OK, I apologize for this but I’m now going to redirect you here – thewarmestroominthehouse.blogspot.com – because until I find a way to get my Word Press and Blogspot entries to make nice with one another by transferring entries with a simple cut-n-paste that doesn’t lose any links or content, well, I’m going to have to enter text into both templates by hand. So I apologize for taking the easy way out this time. But I have a good excuse. After all, I am just getting over the flu.

Gobs will be back soon!


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