Peaches & Cream Gob*…

IMG_0708… With Peaches herself playing town tonight I had to make something this week in her honor. So… Eat The Pain Away! It’s the Peaches & Cream Gob! Baked with fresh pureed peaches, vanilla bean, cinnamon, and a bit of ginger (because you know it’s good for you.) It’s all held together with a peachy butter cream frosting that has a little lemon and just enough sour cream in it to keep all that sweetness in check! (*I realize now that the Peaches & Cream Gobs probably look like the Carrot Cake Gobs in these pics, but trust me, your taste buds will know the difference! Hmm.. maybe you should try them both?)


4 Responses to “Peaches & Cream Gob*…”

  1. Dylan Snodgrass Says:

    The peaches and cream was delicious. Thanks so much. With the SFPD action it made for some fun street theater. Keep up the yummy work!

  2. reiko Says:

    the peaches and cream gob sounds amazing.

    about 3 or 4 weekends ago, i had the chance to walk into fabric8 in the mission, and they were giving away gob samples to test on their customers. the lemon thyme one that i ate had a really interesting flavor that i know i want to experience again. it was fabulous. 🙂

    my boyfriend had the chocolate one. he was in heaven.

    looking forward to sampling more of your stuff!

    • stevengdula1997 Says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked them! If you sampled the free lemon thyme batch that I think you did, it definitely set the bar for how I wanted that particular gob to taste, but now I can’t remember if that chocolate batch was the chocolate with raspberries and absinthe or if it was the traditional chocolate w/ white frosting. I’ll have to review my baking notes. Thank you again!

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